"To Be In Love" (Remix)

by Early Adopted

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Early Adopted-"To Be In Love" (Remake of Sadistik & Kno's original, "To Be In Love")


I could tell you...
But you would never believe me...
I can tell you a thing or two what it's like...

Your eyes, iridescent
Remembering your scent it’s
Simply my make up,
My remains, my remnants
My elements, it’s what’s left of me
She was the nucleus of this chemistry
Tweaking beakers to make up the difference chemically
I’m imbalanced
Headless, Calico stallions
Riding around a ghost town
On the prowl for magic
The owls fly at midnight
In the hours they say nothing good happens
I pray that I’m not a sadist
Pray that it ain’t innate
Inherited pain, I’ve aimed at you
Has grew into something about myself that I hate
Valedictorian of valetudinarians
Without you I am ailing
The casket comes closer
With each ale cask we probe
Love can be the difference if you fit in it
If it’s open or closed

I can show you a thing or two what it’s like…

Obeying Murphy’s Law
I’d withdraw
From the Jameson
If it wasn’t for the withdrawals
Siphon diphenhydramine
How did we dissolve?
I can’t sleep
I’m lost in the dark
You’re my apnea
The apple of my eye
Even after the maggots have eaten both of mine
Dearly departed
Adhere to your calling
I wasn’t there for you
Darling, I’m sorry
My famous last words
That’ll surely gain traction as soon as I’ve passed on
Won’t be that long
I wish I never met you
Not yet, I wish I destroyed someone that wasn’t special
Do you know how many times the human heart beats in a day?
I lost count after 100K
According to my calculations
You’re my coronary
My coroner
My precious palpitation


released March 11, 2016
Special thanks to Sadistik



all rights reserved


Early Adopted Boston, Massachusetts

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